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Dear Riders,

I am glad that 2021 is in our rear-view mirror and we won’t be going back. The Covid 19 pandemic shut down safe travel throughout the United States and the world. Most of you already know that we did not conduct any tours in 2021 because of the pandemic. We do not want to risk anyone catching Covid 19 on one of our tours. But don’t fret we have a solution! We are going to continue self-guided tours for the foreseeable future. A self-guided tour uses the same travel format as our guided tours, but I will not be leading the tour. We have a vast amount of motorcycle travel experience throughout the United States, and we can create a tour to your exact needs including lodging and motorcycle rental if needed. Our self-guided tours are $350/ 1 week and $500/2 weeks. Tours beyond 2 weeks will have to be quoted. We do all the work and research so you can have a great ride and not worry about where stay, eat, and stop for the best photo opportunity. You will receive a tour book with a daily itinerary, maps, GPS files and much more. Click on this link to access our self-guided tour form. We have left our 2018 tour descriptions up on our website so you have an idea of what we can offer.

You can ride safely during this pandemic, and we can help you to make it a great experience. During the pandemic stay positive but test negative!

Ride Safe Everyone!

Bill Gade

What Our Riders Say About Tour On Two...

“I have now done 3 trips with Tour On 2 and they all have been perfect. Everything is planned out for a great day of riding, and a enjoyable evening with friends. All you need to do is show up and enjoy the ride. Thanks Bill will be booking another tour soon.” Al B.

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