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Rocky Mountains and National Parks – Guided – With Rental Motorcycles

The Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Tour is from July 3rd thru 19th 2015.

Tour Description

The Rocky Mountains of the Unites States are an incredible place to visit but more incredible when you see them on a motorcycle. We have created this tour so you can ride the mountains and visit the many National Parks and National Monuments throughout the western United States. This is a brief summary of what you can expect to see along the way.


Day 0 – Everyone will arrive in Denver in the afternoon. We will assist you in getting from the Denver Airport to the hotel and to the motorcycle rental facility. That evening we will host a group dinner for everyone to get acquainted with one another. We will cover the safe riding practices we will employ for the entire tour. After the safety briefing we will discuss the details of the tour and what you can expect each day.

Day 1 – We will pick up the remaining rental motorcycles and head off on our journey. The first few hours will be riding through the traffic of Denver, Colorado but soon we will be riding in the mountains that you have been looking at off in the distance. We will head north and spend the evening in the Estes Park Area. This will be an easy riding day of approximately 120 miles so you can get accustomed to your motorcycle and to shed off any effects of jet lag you may have.

Day 2 – Our daily itineraries are set up to depart at approximately at 9:00 AM each morning. One of our guides will check oil levels, tire pressures and more on your rental motorcycle each morning prior to departure. We typically meet for breakfast at 8:00 AM. Your bags should be packed and dropped off by the support vehicle prior to 9:00 AM. Today really starts the amazing riding. We will ride the “Trail Ridge Road” into Rocky Mountain National Park. There will be many stops for photo opportunities. Our morning break will be at the Alpine visitor center at the top of the mountain at over 12,000 ft. elevation. There are some great opportunities to hike some of these beautiful mountains but we are here to ride not hike. We will spend the day working our way west across the mountains. We will spend the night in Craig, Colorado after a 190 mile riding day.

Day 3 – KSU at 9:00 AM heading west into the high desert of Colorado. We will ride through Dinosaur National Monument and into Utah. You will get to see the Uintah Mountains; the only mountain range in the United States that runs east and west. We will continue north into Wyoming and along the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area. After a very enjoyable 280 mile ride we will spend the night in Rock Springs, Wyoming.

Day 4 – By now you might be getting a bit tired we so we will depart at 10:00 AM and our first stop of the morning will be Flaming Gorge HD. We will continue north into the Great Basin Region of Wyoming. We will turn west and stop in Kemmerer, Wyoming the home of the first JC Penney store. We will continue west into Utah and spend the night in Garden City after an easy 170 mile ride.

Day 5 – KSU at 9:00 AM and we will follow Bear Lake north into Idaho. The road will take us back into Wyoming and along the Snake River. We will begin to climb in altitude and finally reach Jackson, Wyoming. We will only ride 150 miles today so we can take advantage of spending more time in Grand Tetons National Park. Today and the next several days will be shorert on miles but long on incredible vistas and photo opportunities.

Day 6 – KSU at 9:00 as we continue north through the Grand Teton NP and into Yellowstone NP. Yellowstone is such a large park that we will take 2 days to ride and see all it’s sights. Old Faithful Geyser will be one of our first stops in the park. We will spend the next two nights in West Yellowstone.

Day 7 – KSU at 9:00. We will spend the entire day in Yellowstone NP and try to see as many of the sights as possible. Bears are usually not seen along the roads as they have been in the past but elk deer and buffalo are everywhere! Be careful when riding near the buffalo because they are mean and way too large to play with. This will be an amazing day for photo opportunities.

Day 8 – We will start the day at our usual time and head west and south into Idaho. We will ride down the west side of the Tetons and get a view of them many people never see. We will continue south into Utah and after riding some great canyon roads we will spend the night in Ogden, Utah. This will be our longest riding day but one of our easiest riding days at 350 miles.

Day 9 – KSU at 9:00 AM and we will continue south toward Salt Lake City as we ride along the Great Salt Lake. Today we ride through the desert of central Utah. Personally, I like riding through the desert because the roads are usually in good shape, the views are amazing and there is usually very little traffic. We will spend the night in Cedar City, Utah after an easy 300 mile riding day.

Day 10 – KSU at 9:00 AM and we will take our morning break at Zion NP Harley-Davidson. After our break we will ride through Zion NP. The scenery in the park is so beautiful it is almost surreal! There is a 1.1 mile tunnel through the mountain we will ride through. When you leave the tunnel on the other side the terrain is so different one could almost imagine you are on another planet. We will ride to the north rim of the Grand Canyon and then back north to Kanab, Utah where we will spend the night.

Day 11 – KSU at 9:00 AM. In our opinion this could be one of the best riding days of this tour. We will see Bryce Canyon and the hoodoos rock formations; something you have to see to believe. We will head north from Bryce Canyon onto a road which I believe could be one of the best roads for motorcycles in the country. This is the kind of road I would like to ride in one direction and turn around and ride it back to starting point. Unfortunately time does not allow us the luxury of doing that. We will spend the night in Torrey, Utah after a great 195 mile riding day!

Day 12 – The great riding continues! We will start with a ride through Capitol Reef NP and then through the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. The roads and scenery are amazing and traffic is non-existent. We will ride through Natural Bridges NM and then through Monument Valley. This could be the second best riding day of the trip. We will ride 210 miles before we reach our hotel in Kayneta.

Day 13 – We will begin heading east and north to the Four Corners monument. Here you will be able to be in 4 states at the same time. We will continue east and north into Colorado. We make a brief stop at Mesa Verde NP and then head east to Durango. We will then head north and spend the evening in Ouray, Colorado after another great riding day of 250 miles.

Day 14 – We will continue to north and east through the Colorado Rockies. We will stop at Royal Gorge Bridge for an opportunity to walk across the highest suspension bridge. It is approximately ¼ mile across and almost 1000’ above the canyon floor below. If you have a fear of heights you may not want to walk on the bridge. We will spend the night in Manitou Springs after a 280 mile riding day.

Day 15 – Our first stop in the morning is the Garden of the Gods. From there we will spend the rest of the day riding to the top of Pike’s Peak. Until recently, this road was not paved but now it is paved all but 2 miles near the top. You will ride to the top of the mountain that is 14,100 feet above sea level. Fuel injected motorcycles will not have any problem adjusting to this higher elevation. The view from the top is one you will remember forever. We will return to Manitou Springs for our last night together and our last group dinner.

Day 16 – Today we ride north to Denver and back to Mile High HD to return your rental motorcycles. We should be there before lunch and you will be able to make an afternoon flight home. You will have ridden over 3200 miles on this tour. You will have visited 16 National Parks, National Monuments and National Recreation Areas. You will learn about the “Frozen Dead Guy Festival” celebrated in a small town in Colorado each year.

Day 16 – Today we ride north to Denver and back to Mile High HD to return your rental motorcycles. We should be there before lunch and you will be able to make an afternoon flight home. You will have ridden over 3200 miles on this tour. You will have visited 16 National Parks, National Monuments and National Recreation Areas. You will learn about the “Frozen Dead Guy Festival” celebrated in a small town in Colorado each year.

Tour on 2, Inc uses Harley-Davidson rental motorcycles from authorized HD rental dealers. We use their motorcycles because we believe they are the best maintained, have the lowest mileage and provide the most reliable service. There will be a support vehicle to carry your luggage and the occasional passenger that may be tired of riding. We stay and eat at clean, comfortable and motorcycle friendly hotels. We will eat at the best places we can find. As on all of our tours, drinking is not allowed during the riding day but is allowed after the motorcycles are parked for the evening. All of our tour guides are selected because of their riding skills and their abilities to safely lead our rides. Space is limited so reserve your place today!

Motorcycle Tour Payments

We offer the ability to pay in installments for all tours but they must be paid in full at least 30 days prior to the tour start date. If we purchase your airfare it must be paid at the time of booking and will be charged to your credit card. We will continue to offer customized tour packages for individuals, groups or organizations. If you are planning a business conference this winter in warm places such as Arizona, we can arrange a group outing for you and your colleagues that would include rental motorcycles.

Please Note!! All tours include your lodging! The "Ship, Fly and Ride" tours include shipping your bike round trip and your lodging! Rental motorcycles are available through Harley-Davidson Authorized Rental Dealers! Our 3-day weekend tours include lodging and all meals. Tours also include at least one group dinner, most breakfasts, route sheets, guides and much more.

Tour On Two offers a great motorcycle riding experience at a great price!

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“Great tour! Bill Gade bends over backwards, from planning to the actual trip, to show us a wonderful and interesting time. Great value for the money.” Tom S.

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