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Tour On Two Inc – Motorcycle Tour Safety Information

When you ride with Tour On 2, Inc. you can be assured that your safety is our primary concern. Our guides are selected because of their motorcycle safe riding ability when leading groups. All our guides are CPR and First Aid Certified and have been trained as first responders by Accident Scene Management. Typically, the first responders on the scene of a motorcycle accident are other riders and Accident Scene Management trains riders to treat motorcycle specific injuries. We encourage all of you to go to their web site and sign up for the basic and advanced classes. Finally, all of our guides carry medical kits and know how to use them.

The safety equipment you wear while riding a motorcycle with Tour On 2, Inc. is your choice. We require that you follow the laws of the states we are riding in. While we suggest to you what to bring and wear by no means is this list all inclusive. You will need to decide what meets your safe riding needs.

When it comes to safe riding you need to let us know what your riding skills are. We will ride to the skill level of our least experienced rider. We will ride at the posted speed limit as shown on the lead guide’s GPS to eliminate the errors and variances of the group’s speedometers. Our tours list a skill level and if you are not comfortable riding at that level, we suggest you delay the tour until you are capable or get additional training to ride at a higher skill level. We do not want anyone riding above their skill level or out of their comfort zone.

Here are some articles from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation that deal with best practices for safe motorcycle riding. We encourage all riders to visit the MSF web site and look at their library of safe riding articles.

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Riding With
A Passenger

T-CLOCS Pre-Ride
Motorcycle Checklist

Suggested Packing List

Motorcycle Laws by State

What Our Riders Say About Tour On Two...

“Riding with Tour On 2, Inc showed me parts of our beautiful country that I did not know even existed. The LV, Utah, Arizona trip was just a amazing scenic ride, thanks to the efforts of Tour On 2 Inc. making it happen. What a great effort!!" Tom S

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